With great enthusiasm we open our home to you.

We are Giuseppe, Ombretta, Piergiacomo and Agnese. We have lived here since 2009 and from the beginning we had the idea of dedicating a large area of our home to our friends and future guests. You will feel at home here in the three spacious bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms and the use of the large living room.

You may ask why have we made this decision whilst already running a hotel? The answer is the great passion we have for our work: Making our guests feel at home with us, guaranteeing them a comfortable stay and above all being there for them with our friendship. We love our home to be full of life!

Our children are enthusiastic about the idea and they asked us straight away if there will be other children of their age with whom to share their games and interests. Piergiacomo is pretty much a little man and he will ask straight away: “Who do you support?” Agnese, is sweet and calm and is the princess of the house. And for anything we need there’s always the legendary Nonna Lina “jack of all trades” who ensures that everything runs like clockwork.

Our Home

The B&B Agape is the top floor of our home, a building which stands out for its modern design. All white, with a flat roof and large terraces integrated into its minimalist design. The idea that won us over immediately was that of a “green” house, which doesn’t pollute and in which our children will be able to live in the future without energy costs. Obviously the original investment is substantial but in order to embrace this philosophy a long term vision is essential.

It is with this spirit that we decided to install geothermal central heating and place solar panels on the roof which run the hot water pump and everything else we have in the house. We have our own private garden which surrounds the house and enjoy a panoramic view over the Orobic Pre-Alps, as we are situated above the Highway 38. The driveway comes off Via Indipendenza, from where there is also the ramp leading directly down to the spacious garage. At the same level there is a room with plenty of natural light where breakfast is served and where you will find a “wellness corner” with a Jacuzzi, sauna and invigorating shower.
We live on the ground floor and the three guest rooms are on the first floor.

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