The B&B Agape

The three guest rooms are spacious; one wall is made entirely of glass, offering a spectacular view over our beautiful mountains and access to the large terrace. Each bedroom has its own ensuite windowed bathroom.

For nature lovers there is the green room: above the bed there is a picture of a poppy field (painted by me!). It is the largest room and can take up to 4 single beds or a double bed plus two single beds, suitable for families or groups of friends. The orange room is very refined, decorated with a picture of lilies and can contain up to three single beds or a double bed plus one single bed.

The lilac room is the most romantic and is perfect for couples and can contain two single beds or a double bed.

Curiosity: What does Agape mean?

It is a word with Greek origins which means selfless, spiritual love and sacrifice. The term is also present in the Greek New Testament and, in the Gospel according to John, it is a synonym of the Lord’s Supper. The equivalent Latin word caritas has been used by other authors and Christian philosophers to indicate the eager and enthusiastic love towards a spouse, towards the family or towards any other kind of activity, in contrast with eros, which is the physical love between man and woman. It is not only a sentiment, but also a virtue, a spiritual state, a gift from God, a grace.

For Plato eros is a love animated by possessiveness over the desired object, experienced as a need for fulfillment. Agape, on the other hand, is God’s answer to such a desire and leads to the seemingly paradoxical discovery that only by giving oneself totally the eros can reach its summit, achieving an infinite and complete satisfaction.

It is used in Christian theology to indicate the love of God for humanity. It is love at its highest level, the point in which philosophy culminates in religion; Agape is the selfless love, of he who gives himself completely to others without receiving or expecting anything in return, and is hence unconditioned and absolute.

It is therefore a term with rich significance, I chose it because I liked its meaning: unconditioned love, eagerness, enthusiasm…. Words which fill our days, in our relationship with our children, with each other as a couple and everyone who surrounds us. Then there’s the aspect of passion, not as an end in itself, but with the intention of making others feel good, whether someone dear to us or a client.

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