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The first signs of the human presence in Grosio relate to prehistoric times. People of this period sought to communicate with us through carving simple life type forms and other images on the rock shelf. The Park of Rock Carving in Grosio, with its 5.500 carvings, is the most carved rock in the Alpine region. Although a walk through this scenic area is exhilarating, the preferred method of obtaining the full benefit of its historical significance and discovery of an ancient population is best understood by the use of a guided tour. Integrated within this park as well as the grand rock are the imposing ruins of two medieval castles. The Castle of San Faustino (X century) is characterized by a picturesque belltower of saints Faustino and Giovita. Recently it has been discovered that it was used by the family Venosta as a residence and for defending themselves. In XIV century the Viscount of Milan, the new controller of the valley, built a new castle called Castello Nuovo (Castello Visconti Venosta, XIV century) which has been recently restored.

The Villa Visconti Venosta is another significant sign of the presence of Grosio's noble family. The facade features a splendid portico in a new renaissance style. This dominates a great park, whilst the older side of the Villa was built in the XVI century. The important marquees Emilio Visconti Venosta enriched the building with many works of art and fine furnishings. The Villa was the summer residence of this noble family, the last member of which died in 1982 and she made it a gift to the Community of Grosio. It now operates as a museum and library. An artistic symbol of the commune of Grosio is certainly the Romanesque Church of Saint Giorgio (XIV century) which you encounter while walking in the narrow streets of the Central Historical district of the village. Of special interest are the houses nearby which feature an architectural characteristic of portals in green stones. Saint Giorgio is a unique example in the Valtellina of a church which has been maintained, from the fifteenth century, in its original form, both external and internal. Recent restoration work has brought new light on a number of new frescos on the walls together with a marvellous wood-carving created by De Passeris (1949) and this makes Saint Giorgio a veritable pearl of religious significance in the Valtellina.

Even bigger but not without elegance is the parish Church of Saint Giuseppe (XVII century) which features a characteristic facade in green stone. The church is a welcome attraction for visitors arriving in Grosio and features architecture in Baroque style. It is elevated above the square with an elegant balustrade (1750) and is flanked by an imposing bell tower (XVIII century). Internally one is impressed by the vast proportions of the unique nave and by the big dome above the transept.


Is 1 hour from the hotel and boasts 14 km of shops in the famous “duty free” mountain resort. For downhill mountain bike lovers we suggest a day at the Mottolino Bike Park.


Asides the characteristics of a mountain village steeped in tradition and history, you will also find relaxation at the Thermal Bathes: you can choose between the different spa areas at the Old Bathes or the New Bathes (the Hotel offers discounts for both) or the Thermal Swimming Pool Centre.


13 Km from Grosio, is a welcoming village a few kilometers from Switzerland and you may enjoy a memorable day on the legendary red train of Bernina. The rail line is the highest in Europe celebrating 100 years in 2010 and gives the closest contact to the natural flora and fauna of the high mountain, all the way to St.Moritz.

Sport Lovers

People who are drawn to nature and wish to hike in the mountains will find in Val Grosina a veritable Paradise. Easily accessible from Grosio travel through Ravoledo up to Fusino where the road divides into two possibilities: the west version is "Val di Sacco", which extends into Switzerland; the north arm leads to the Val d'Eita. At both locations there are peaks in excess of altitude 3000 meters offering high altitude rock climbing and trekking. For those interested in high hiking there are a number of easily negotiable trails. You also have the alternative of spending the day in the fresh air enjoying the peace of the location of the miracle of the apparition of Virgin Mary. At Malghera (Val di Sacco) you will be impressed by the religious sanctuary at 2000 meters!!

Are you passionate about road cycling or mountain biking? You are in the right place. Grosio is well situated at the commencement of the road which rises to the famous Mortirolo pass. Nearby, the passes of Stelvio and Gavia have created history for the story of cycling. These will test your legs!! Grosio is also a stage of the famous mountain bike Transalp tour, which travels through the Alps passing through our Valgrosina. In winter people who are devoted skiers are able to reach in 15 minutes the famous ski resort of Bormio. In less than 1 hour you will arrive at Aprica, Santa Caterina, Livigno or the Bernina pass. For hardened skiers you are able to ski the Stelvio glacier in the summer!!

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